Natural Way To Balance Your Hormones

2 Hours Cooking & Nutrition Masterclass with a liver support recipe e-book

Learn the natural method to support your hormonal health.

Free Cookery Demonstration + recipes to dramatically improve your mood, energy and cravings!

Get my free nourishing blood sugar balancing cookery demonstration + recipes to help you with your cravings, migraines, energy slump today.

nutrition coaching with mira

Your Functional Nutrition and Wellness Coach

I am here to tell you that without good quality food and nutrients you will not be able to get rid of the on going headaches, migraines and cravings.

Start eating nourishing food, fresh, unprocessed, and avoid substances that drain your energy and you will banish the 3pm energy slump.

Choose Your Nourishing Journey

Functional Nutritional Therapy

Learn the language your body is speaking through this intensive health analysis  1.1 consultation and looking into how your internal organs are function and creating a nourishing path to address the root cause. 

Learn how your liver supports you body and learn how to cook nutrient dense food to support your liver and internal organs

4 weeks healthy cooking course

Learn to cook the most delicious and nutritious food to bring balance and harmony to your health without depriving yourself or being on a strict diet.

1-1 Coaching

Ready to invest your time, energy and money into learning my very simple method of living a nourishing way then book your 90 minutes power hour to go through what is nagging you. BOOK HERE

Cooking Demo

Come and enjoy the food we cook together in a nourishing women’s circle. 

spice Blend

If you are local and want to buy my Authentic Mauritian spice blend that will simplify your cooking, then place an order here.

Ever felt like your energy and vitality has been sucked out of you?

I’ve been there!  I struggled with migraines, shitty mood and sleep issues for years until I found out about the connection between nutrition and health.

Now I help tired mothers manage their pain and frustration with proper nutrition and simple nourishing habits that keep their blood sugar balanced

The Latest:

Ready to ditch the painful symptoms and begin living a more fulfilled and nourished life?

Start nourishing your internal organ s specially your liver. 

Your free roadmap to ditching the imbalance rollercoaster. 

Say goodbye to poor energy, cravings and migraines and hello to a more nourished you with with the health creating nourishing habit guide for mothers

I’ll send the Guide + Recipes straight to your inbox so you can finally stop crashing and start feeling energised asap.

blood sugar balancing guide

Start your journey to a balanced blood sugar today.

Download the Nourishing Blood Sugar Balancing Guide and bonus breakfast cookery masterclass to give you actionable lifestyle advice for sustainable blood sugar level.

I’ll send the Guide + Recipes straight to your inbox so you can finally stop crashing and start feeling energised asap.