Nourishing Health Reset Food Plan

Focusing on your nutrition will transform your health.

You know the only way to a healthy body is nourishing food.

My nourishing recipes will benefit those with:

  • cholesterol issues
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Inflammation
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Blood sugar Imbalances
  • Gut Issues
  • Weight Gain
  • Suffer with migraines and headaches



Your Body is Communicating with you through signs & symptoms

Food provides the body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. 

It also supports the body to eliminate waste such as toxins & excess hormones.

Symptoms such as acne, psorisis, cholesterol, inflammation, constipations is your body sending your a signal to address these before it’s too late. 

It needs proper nutrients to function and eliminate what’s needed. 

Our body is already very smart, all we have to do is respect and honour the needs and provide it.

Food is how the body receives the nutrients.

These can’t be found in convenient and processed food, even when they ”taste better”

There’s nothing wrong with you. 

Before you start blaming yourself let’s get something clear: Your body has the ability to repair itself. 

You were never told what to do to nourish your body, mind and soul. 

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself with this program and start eating food that not only taste AMAZING but will also nourish your cells, your organs and transform your health.  

Understanding the foods and how they interact with your body.

My nourishing reset food plan will provide you with the information and my tried and tested recipes to start a natural detoxification process and bring you to good health.


nutrition with mira

Nourishing Health Reset Food Plan

Designed to help you be pain free, happy, peaceful mind, at ease, good energy to be well and active without dieting. Go as far and as deep you want with these recipes. Try one recipe a week or cook each meal you eat with these recipes. Every time you cook and eat, it will be a nourishing meal and your body will restore. 

Go from feeling rubbish to being in love with life!

This is your opportunity to nourish your body with nutritious & delicious food without going on a diet.

Yes, you really can stop dieting and experience good health that ONLY comes from improving your nutrition and your relationship with food.

This is the same method hundreds of women like you have used to be well in their body.



Recipes to get you start your day off with good energy

Lunch & Dinners

Eat food that tastes good and repair your health

Nourishing Treats

Sweet treats that will nourish your body

Healthy Liver Nourishing Recipe Plan

Your liver is essential for dealing with any health problems

Ready for transform your health with tasty food ? It’s yours for the taking .

6 months from now, you could be 

  • no inflammation
  • Better hormonal health
  • Cholesterol under control
  • No inflammation
  • pain free, peaceful & happier with better energy
  • sleep better and wake up refreshed
  • have a balanced blood sugar level
  • no bloating, no constipation or cramps
  • Improved thyroid and hormonal health
  • lose the excess weight


What we eat and how we eat has a direct impact on our digestive system. The food we eat has the nutrients our body requires to function. 

Most of these recipes are high in plant sources in a nourishing and healthy way but there are recipes with meat, chicken and eggs used here. You can easily buy these recipes and use the plant based ones and there are plenty!

This is NOT a diet plan, this program are for those who wants to repair and restore their health as a lifestyle. Eating to nourish should be a lifestyle for life 🙂

Nourishing reset is aimed to nourish the body with balanced food, as much as I don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, most of my recipes I cook is natural plant based food. There are plenty of healthy plant based recipes in our nourishing reset plan. 

Thank you for asking,, I was born in the small paradise island of Mauritius. I moved to Ireland back in 2008. 

My cooking is influence by what my mother, grandmother and aunts cooking. Food from Mauritius is influenced by food from all over the world. Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and European. 

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