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Unhook yourself from the constant cortisol and adrenaline rollercoaster and nourish your internal organs by balancing your blood sugar level.

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blood sugar balancing guide

This is what some of my nourishing clients say

Improve your relationship with food with my gentle nourishing guide + recipes.

*If you’re struggling with migraines and headaches on a regular basis.

*you realised that the sugary snack and endless caffeine is not a sustainaible anymore

*You are done with the diet plans that makes you feel worse and more guilty

*You are irritable and mood swings are unbearable around your monthly cycle

*You just want to eat healthy food and feel good and fit

*You want to make sense of what your skin issues

*you’ve difficulty getting to sleep, or waking up in the night

*you’d like to improve your hormonal health with food and nourishing habits

*you want to repair the affects of dieting: poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies, impaired thyroid function, increased anxiety and/or depression, menstrual abnormalities

*you’d like an easy and gentle, no-diet culture advice about the right eating habits for your unique needs and goals.

blood sugar balancing guide

Nourishing Blood Sugar Balancing Guide + Recipes

You regularly experience any of the above symptoms in the 10 days or so before your period or during ovulation then it is more likely that you have a hormonal imbalance often linked with a blood-sugar imbalance, poor nutrient and stress. 

That’s why in my 1.1 nutrition check up, I show women like yourself how to manage those painful symptoms of migraines, cravings and energy slump by eating food that are nutrient dense and adapting a nourishing rhythm daily to be at ease with the stress of life.


Nourishing Recipes

the best form of nutrients is from a varied balanced diet.

Nourishing Nutrients

Up your nutrition with these nutrients

Nourishing Habits

I will share my 5 routines that I have tried personally to help me.

Your free guide + recipes to balance your blood sugar level.

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