In Person Cooking Demo

This is for the woman who is……

  • ready to cook healthier food to nourish her body
  • ready to learn how to use herbs and spices 
  • ready to add variety and explore new ingredients in her cooking
  • ready to bring balance to her body, mind and spirit using proper nutrition
  • ready to priorities some ME time
  • ready to claim her wellness

Ready to make empowering food & lifestyle decisions

This is an in person live group cooking demo for woman,  cook and eat healthier and tasty food with ease.

Venue: Ballina Co Mayo

You are running around doing what you are meant to do day by day, caring for your house, children, work , parents but on the inside you are tired. You are craving for some TLC (tender loving care)

You desire……

  • some me time
  • calm and peace
  • to eat without feeling guilty
  • somewhere you could go and just belong
  • want to meet other women in person
  • want to taste some good food
  • want better energy, skin and hair
  • want to eat healthier to improve your health
  • want a good night sleep and better mood
  • want to do something fun for yourself

What we will do on the day...

  • Start the morning with a few mindful breath
  • Get to know each other and your journey
  • Nutrition Talk by Mira on women’s health and nourishing methods
  • Cook some tasty food depending on weather and topic (different recipes each time) 
  • Show you the basic spices and herbs I use in my own everyday cooking
  • I cook, you help me, this is where all the fun begins
  • We set the table and eat together 

Within this live in person cooking demo, you will have clear idea of how to create a balanced meal daily with ease to improve your energy, mood, sleep and cravings and wellness.

The result.....

Improved hormonal health, blood sugar and digestion


Group Cooking Class



Private Cooking Class



3 x group cooking



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No, I am not a trained chef but a homecooked for a passion for healthy food that nourishes the body. 

We are aiming for between 10 – to 15 people.

The event lasts for about 3 hours but it usually depends on how much we talk as the real intention is to meet other woman locally and connect. 

The class is aim to nourish the body with balanced food, as much as I don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, most of my recipes I cook is natural plant based food. You can join us to learn how to make our everyday vegetables a little tastier and delicious. 

Thank you for asking,, I was born in the small paradise island of Mauritius. I moved to Ireland back in 2008. 

My cooking is influence by what my mother, grandmother and aunts cooking. Food from Mauritius is influenced by food from all over the world. Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and European. 

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