Embodied Nutrition & Lifestyle

Feel liberated by understanding the language of your body and having the tools to nourish with ease and joy

Learn the language of your body to bring balance

During the first consultation, we will take an intensive dive into how your internal organs are functioning. Where are the symptoms actually coming from. 

There are several factors causing these high cholesterol, blood sugar or cortisol. 

The body doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to increase your hormones or cholesterol.

We will explore the factors contributing to your symptoms and create a protocol to start bringing your body to its natural ease and balance through nutrient dense food supporting your internal organs to function optimally. 

A Nutrition Check Up is right for you if . . .

Your body doesn’t just wake up one morning and decide to throw you off balance with your on going symptoms. It’s actually asking for nourishment. What type of nourishment is what we need to explore. Where is the imbalance coming from. Let’s explore together on our 90 minutes consultation.

Bring your body to balance:

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Virtual or in person, 90 minutes initial consultation

Follow up consultations (virtual, 45-60 minutes) as required

personalised approach

Improve your eating habits, so you can step off the imbalanced rollercoaster.

Nourishing Habit guide to creating a natural rhythm to your day.

Your body is craving for a natural rythm that supports and nourish your soul.

This is what few of my nourishing clients say...



I’m here to help! Book a consultation and let’s start bringing your body to balance and harmony.